What is a Doula?

A doula is experienced in the birthing process. She offers support to a birthing person and their partner prenatally, during labour and birth, and in the immediate postpartum period.

A doula’s main priority is to support the client and partner throughout their entire journey of welcoming a beautiful new life into the world. Whether the birth takes place in a home, a hospital, or a birth center, and whether it is a c-section or vaginal birth, epidural or un-medicated, a doula supports the birthing person in their decisions and helps them feel
safe, supported and empowered.


A Doula Will:

A doula will always provide guidance, reassurance, and evidence-based resources to ensure the birthing person and their partner feel empowered to make well-informed decisions. A doula will cultivate a safe environment that is both physically and emotionally comfortable. They will give continuous support to both the birth person and partner throughout the birthing process. A doula will provide suggestions for holistic remedies, comfort techniques, and birthing position changes, as well as breastfeeding tips and support. A doula will provide postpartum support in the first few weeks after birth. A doula will refer and connect the birthing person to additional support if needed.

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A Doula Will Not:

A doula will not give medical advice or prescriptions. They will not perform tests, exams, or be medically involved in the birth. A doula will not replace the doctor, nurses, midwife, or partner, but instead will become a valuable and trustworthy addition to the team. A doula will not advocate on behalf of the birthing person or partner, but will empower them to be able to ask questions and make informed decisions.